Prozess- und Changemanagement

Process Management

Processes are the nuts and bolts in a business venture. In growing organizations and to compete with other companies a clear, structured process is a benefit to employees, to suppliers as well as to customers. To ensure that the result meets your expectations, we support you in the following tasks:

  • Analyses existing processes
  • Revision of processes
  • Creating new processes
  • Documentation of processes
  • Communication and support in application or implementation of these processes
  • Integration of process management and quality management system

Change Management

Growth, competition and technological development are opportunities to be used in your favor. However, these opportunities may involve risks and fears which should be addressed directly. Motivated employees and partners are an advantage to you. This can be achieved with clear communication and target-oriented use of all resources.

We assist you in conquering these challenges which will involve changes, such as:

  • Implementation of new or revised processes
  • Communication, communication strategy and communication concepts
  • Team building
  • Conflict prevention and conflict management